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Restaurant linen offers towels that are absorber such as a sponge. They are easily handing use for cleaning up in the kitchen or at any place where scatters take place. The soft terry bar mop towel cleans and dries very rapidly, hence just one-time use of towels is enough for the best clean up the splashes. To use them for the maximum duration, they have edged all around.

We provide the various Bar towels which are different in size and colors. One of the best is Blue striped kitchen towels which are100% cotton Dish Cloth. These are manufactured with high-quality cotton which is very durable for basket knit. These can be washed there is a lot of variety of common dish towels and Bar towels. They are available in a smaller size, square with color cloths and drop dry low. These are extremely absorbers.   

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With the best mixture of Bamboo Rayon and Microfiber, Kitchen Dish Towels are manufactured that are used to absorb multiple times the liquid in their weight. They clean and dry in such a way that no chemicals are to be used. They are used for multi-purposes. Bar towels provided by Restaurantlinen can be used to wipe down the overall room or the bathroom. They are best for cleaning and drying purposes and everything from glass to spotless equipment and no scratching or streaking occurs. Further, we offer the best toilet hand towels.

If we discuss performance, we offer one of our best items of size 16" x 19" blue striped cotton bar towel whose functionality has no competitor. The weight of these bar towels is very light with strong working and is excellent absorbent. These towels look best at your tables, countertops. These towels perform well in your domestic and commercial kitchens on cooking surfaces. For rapid cleaning purposes, these are the best choices.

Restaurantlinen offers a lot of various choices of wiping cloths for any purpose. Either it may be at work or maybe at home. Our products are available in various colored & white knit, disposable paper, microfiber rags, terry cloth and fleece also available in different sizes. We can meet & exceed your requirements.

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We also offer a crispy white color mop towel which is also used for many workings. They can be easily washed and after washing they can be used again to sparkle and works endlessly. Weight of these mop towels is also light and they are durable in working and they do an excellent job for absorbing. These are ideal for absorbing food remains spills, muddles, drying dishes but also useful for window, furniture, and door dusting. We maintain the best quality in these towels and the material used is good.

Some of them are bar mop towels and the weight of them is high of 44 oz. And a large size of 16” *27”. These are manufactured from 100% cotton. Almost they can be used everywhere. These are also useful for rough surfaces such as cooktops or washroom floors as fiber is used in it so these are well absorbent and sturdy. 


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