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How To Get Oil Smell Out Of Clothes

how to get oil smell out of clothes

Finally, you are the right place to learn and get rid of the smell out of the clothes quickly and by using professional methods. These techniques ensure not only the removal of smell but also keep the clothes fresh and maintained. Make sure to go through the content with thorough interest.

Easy Answers to How To Get Oil Smell Out Of Clothes

It is very easy to remove the oil smell from clothes. One is baking soda and the second one is vinegar. They are used together to remove the oil smell from clothes. You just dip your cloth in water for that you can use a water tub or sink and put 1 cup of backing and 1 cup of vinegar and mix it to evenly distribute it. 

White Vinegar And Baking Soda

White vinegar and baking soda can sometimes provide benefits in reducing small stains and odors, real laundry detergents are always best for high-brightness, gloss, anti-odor, pre-treat heavy stains, and the ability to soften the fabric.

vinegar and baking soda

You can use this mixture instead of traditional laundry detergents. Just mix 1, 1 cup of broth in a small tub and put them in your mixture, use enough water to cover the clothes, and stir well for 30 seconds.

After four hours of soaking the solution, you can put all the mixture in the washing machine and move your load the way you normally do. It will get oil smell out of clothes a pro method.

How To Wash Apron

Wherever we start cooking either at home or in restaurants we wear an apron because we know that an apron protects our dresses from stains especially oil and it is very difficult to remove it from the apron.

We know that washing an apron by hand is more effective instead of laundry. Now, we will discuss two types of aprons and the solutions to that unwanted stains and smell.

How To Wash Home Usage Apron

At home we want to cook something for our loved ones then we wear an apron to protect our valuable dresses. In the kitchen, oil stains are common.

If we wash them with some clothes in machines, we see that stains spread the entire fabric in the machine. So, here are some domestic tips for cleaning kitchen aprons at home in a very economical way. 

get oil smell out of clothes is a major target check out the following major tricks

White Vinegar

A natural agent which is commonly used to remove the stains and smell from the clothes, especially aprons is white vinegar. It is easily available at home and it’s also very cheap.

The acid in the vinegar works to break down the deep impurities, oils, and oil particles that can be trapped inside the apron.

Make sure you use distilled vinegar, though. Too much acid can damage clothes, staining them during the process.

That doesn’t mean even the strongest odor produced by vinegar can get into your clothes.

Generally, all you need is about half a cup of pure white vinegar to make it work. Add it to the washing cycle for your next bath to reduce any odors that may not stick to your fabric.


Bleach is a very strong product to clean clothes. Its effects are very high but due to negligence it damages the cloth but the overall result is very appreciated it will get the job done. In the kitchen, we face many types of stains on aprons or our dresses. Bleach is the best way to remove stains from the apron as long as it is used rationally.

Adding a little bleach to your apron, in particular, can leave them looking much brighter than before and it would remove that annoying oil smell that is so prevalent.

How To Get Oil Smell Out Of Clothes in Restaurant

Cooking is an art and we enjoy the food in restaurants because they hire professional cooks. Professional cooks always wear a restaurant’s apron which has the logo of that restaurant. The brightness and cleanliness of restaurant aprons show the quality of that restaurant or food point.

Wearing an apron for a long time, the restaurant’s aprons are very dirty and the stains of oil and other things are very prominent. To wash restaurant aprons we discuss a few tips which are very useful and economical for your business. 

resturant aprons

Top 5 Tips To Wash Restaurant Aprons 

If you are a professional cook, you have probably wondered how you wash restaurant aprons. Regular laundry detergent can keep clothes clean, but they usually do little to remove oil and oil smell.

In our routine life, we see most people using hundreds of solutions in the shapes of different detergents to remove the oil smell from aprons. Few of them use low-quality detergents due to their low budget but it damages the quality of the aprons. High-quality laundry items are more expensive but there is a good reason for this.

You will be surprised to know the top 5 tips to wash restaurant aprons because these are very common and we know them but have not used them before. 

High-Quality Detergents to get oil smell out of clothes

The easiest way to wash restaurant aprons is using high-quality detergents which are the most common in the world. Most of the well-known detergent companies sell high-quality detergents which are best for removing the oil smell from the apron. 

The difference between high quality and a standard one that you can use on all your clothes is that it contains additional enzymes involved in breaking down substances, especially cooking oil that can be trapped in the apron.


Ammonia is also a very strong and powerful cleaning and degreaser agent that can help to wash restaurant aprons but it needs to be handled with care. If bleach is not available and you want to remove the stains you can also use 1 cup of ammonia in your washing cycle. It will help to remove the stains of oil and grease and also remove the smell from it. 

Lemone is the best ammonia with pleasant fragrance but always uses a small quantity for any stains at aprons and gives it proper ventilation.


To effectively wash restaurant aprons we use other detergents such as Borax. In the list of cleaning agents, Borax is considered the strongest cleaning agent. Just one teaspoon is enough for each gallon of warm water. Borax requires 30 minutes to thoroughly soak and then drain a gallon of warm water into a washing machine.

If you think about how borax works, we inform you that borax is alkaline in nature. Borax reduces the acidity of the spots themselves which changes the pH level of the washing water which helps the laundry to work better in breaking down the spots.

Can Of Coke

You will be surprised to know that a can of coke also washes restaurant aprons. Drop a can of Coke into the washing machine with your dirty restaurant’s apron. Coke acid works to break down solid particles, especially those of fats and oils. It will also work to pick up hard spots that you may have a hard time removing.

Best of all, it is not only completely safe to use on your restaurant’s apron, but also has no environmental impact and is completely safe for use on children and pets. If you have been battling severe oil stains, try a Coke can. You may be surprised to see how coke is an effective solution.

Dish Soap

In the restaurants, dish soap is also available and the professionals know how to clean the restaurant’s apron with it. It is very simple, in just 30 minutes you remove the stains of oil and bad smell from your aprons. Put a quarter cup of dish soap into a gallon of water and dip the apron for 30 minutes, after 30 minutes put the bucket into the washing machine. Soon your restaurant’s aprons are clean and you feel a pleasant smell coming out of it. But be careful, if you use this tip too much it will damage your machine because washing machines do not handle sudsy soap.

How To Wash Aprons Without Tangling

In our routine life, we wash our clothes, especially aprons and we waste a lot of time untangling them. Now you feel pleased to know that with our few tips you will save your time and spend it with your family. Let’s go to start the laundry game, we divide them into the top 5 easy tips or hacks to save time. 

Apron Strings

The easiest way to wash aprons without tangling is to tie the strings of aprons like shoelaces. Tie shoelaces are very common because in our routine life we daily tie our shoelaces. Try to tie tightly both strings and then put them into the washing machine and wait. Now, use your aprons without tangling. Next, we discuss the second easiest way to wash aprons without tangling. 


The second easiest way to wash aprons without tangling is to use a pillowcase as a makeshift laundry bag. When you start the washing machine, put a pillowcase in it and wait to finish the timer and dry it. Now, use your aprons without tangling. Next, we discuss the third easiest way to wash aprons without tangling.

Mesh Laundry Bag

The third way to wash aprons without tangling is to use a mesh laundry bag. We know mesh laundry bags are common as the name suggests, mesh laundry bag is a durable and flexible zip-top net bag. You think about how it works to put all the aprons in mesh laundry bags and wash them in the washing machine and dry it. Now, use your aprons without tangling. Next, we discuss the fourth easiest way to wash aprons without tangling.

Pinup Apron Strings

The fourth way to wash aprons without tangling is to pin up apron strings with a safety pin. It is simple to attach the strings with pockets.  After the washing, unpin it and dry it. Now, use your aprons without tangling. Next, we discuss the fifth and last easiest way to wash aprons without tangling.

Wash The Aprons By Hand

The best way to wash your home usage aprons or restaurant aprons without tangling is to wash them with your hands. And use high-quality detergents. This is the simple and best way to wash it. Hope you will apply these hacks whenever you want to wash your aprons without tangling. 

Now you have got the idea about How To Get Oil Smell Out Of Clothes and it is easy for you to address this issue.

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