4 Way waist aprons can be used from 4 different sides sometimes waist aprons gets dirty quickly. In that case, this foldable waist apron can be used from the other side.

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Best Quality 4 Way White Standard Waist Apron – 18″L x 30″W – Restaurant Linen Store

4-way aprons are made with a non-allergic poly-cotton material. 4 Way waist aprons are known as a trademark product of the restaurant linen store. The main difference between a simple waist apron and 4 Way Apron is that 4-way aprons can be used from 4 sides by folding these. It can be used four times, even without washing. It makes the 4-way Apron more useful at the commercial level. We are the best in restaurant linen supplies all over the United States without any doubt.