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The Best Choice of Bar Towel

red striped bar towel (dozen)

Are you anxious to know which towel on the bar of your bath is more useful? Yes, its the tough to choose the best one that fulfills your needs. But at the same time, the right knowledge about its variety and usage lets you take the right one as per your needs.

A bar towel is a unique towel that you may use after hand wash or after bath as you wish. It helps you to dry your body to feel fresher. Also, its unique making material deletes the debris to continue your good health.

Bar towels are valuable for all types of baths. Instead, you need to use it for the master bathroom or powder room. It’s very functional. Also, you may use it in or near showers and bathtubs. More it’s compatible with a smaller and larger bathroom. Even for guest bathrooms, it’s handy to remove the water and impurities from your skin.

For enhanced purpose its available in a wide range of designs and varieties. Better cleaning is simple to have with a bar towel either for commercial or home usage. Indeed cotton or wool towels are all beneficial according to your living styles. To have the exact latest knowledge of the towel variety, let’s overlook some variations of it.

Variety of bar towel

  • The combed cotton towel is a towel with brushed Cotton. Mainly it sweeps to eliminate the debris and impurities with its short fibers. The blue striped towel is combed weaving; it results in the same and even cotton surfaces.
  • The ringspun cotton towel is remarkably smoother and refined. With its soft and elegant making, it’s easy to twist and wrap around your body. To add its longer and shorter threads twists altogether to form tight making.
  • Dobby towel is one of the remarkable cloth with decorative weave. However, it features the small designs of geometric patterns in its weaving. Thus it looks stylish in look. And another towel related to the ribbed cotton bar
  • The jacquard towel has specific woven patterns of looms. Its weaving process is with the intricate design to serve you.
  • Sheared towel contains the raised fibers that are with a cut from the fabric face of it. Along with the equal height of the fabric, it has an enhanced look.
  • Terry cloth towel is with additional yarn to provide you with more absorbent loops. Enlarge porous surfaces let you have the more dense and taller loops to dry your skin effectively.
  • Twist towel is with individual fibers/yarns that turn around the axes that can produce the twists. Further, these twists make the cloth more strengthen and luxurious. Being superior with high-quality cotton material, it has a zero-twist for natural strength.
  • Decorative towels are beautifying with embroidery and unique trim. These towels are not only pleasing in look but lightweight too with least GSM. Yes, these need to care more about washing. Always follow the tagged instruction for cleaning and laundry of these towels.
  • Monogrammed towels are for your bathroom décor. No matter you want to personalize it through a monogram or as a gift for a special occasion- you may use its personalization option just under the product name. More precisely, you may set the monogram on it right after the selection of the color and size of your choice.

Different sizes of bar towels

As towels are available in many forms, therefore, to know its dimensions are also essential for you to for the ideal pick.

  • Bath sheet being the biggest in length and width than all other towels is more specialized and comfortable. What’re its dimensions? Well, it measures as 60-70 inches in diameter.
  • The washcloth is useful for decorative goals. These are of 13′ square.
  • The bath towel is necessary for all bathrooms. For higher Compatibility, its measures with 27-30 inches in width along 52 to 58 length. Moreover, a decorative bath towel might be smaller in size, like a mop stripe towel.
  • The hand towel is for smaller areas of your body, like for face and hands. So, this towel is 16-18 inches in width. However, in length, it’s only 28-30 inches.
  • Fingertip towel is commonly for the guests or powder rooms. Along 11 to 12 inches wideness, it’s easy to use for light hand drying as far as its elongation is concern its merely 18 to 19 inches.

How to buy the bar towel for yourself?

While buying the towel for better usage, you need to keep an eye on the following points. For long life and durable towel selection, you need to look for double- turned edges. With it, all hems are a double stitch. Such towels are easy to use for all aims.

Then you need to know how many towels set you to require. Some of you like to have two sheets at a time for each person. If one is in the laundry, you may use the other one.

If you want to be safe from all the pains of color matching and reasonable budget, then to choose the towel sets is the right option for you. This bath towel sets keeps the look of the bathroom clean and pleasing with the single sheet.

The durability of a towel

If you wish to know about the longevity of the towel, you need to consider its types of fibers. The ability to retain water and to feel the refinement here is the shortlist of cotton materials for towel selection.

  • Pima cotton is the material that makes the towel lighter and fluffy. As its with extra-long fibers of staples thus its very famous for its better absorption and strength.
  • Egyptian Cotton is the most beautiful material of a towel that makes it durable and long-lasting. Along with additional long fines, it has higher absorbency as well as density. 
  • Micro cotton is a highly prestigious material for high-quality staple fibers. If you like fluffy feel, then it’s the most suitable.
  • Turkish Cotton being premium ought to be with longer staples loops. It makes a towel bit heavier with increases absorbing capability.
  • The bamboo material of the towel is for a lush and soft look. No doubt, it sustains the color very well. More strikingly, its germs free and superb in absorption.
  • Microfiber is suitable to use as its 100% cotton towel. It let your dry skin faster than ever.

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